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Complaint on school ball report upheld - 23rd February 2002
The Press Council has upheld a complaint Westlake Girls High School made against a Weekend Herald front-page story headlined "No same-sex sambas at this school ball".
Read the full story - NZ Herald

Georgina and the Queen - 23rd February 2002
The Queen was welcomed by transsexual MP Georgina Beyer when she arrived at Wellington airport yesterday at the start of a five-day visit to New Zealand.
Read the full story - The Dominion

Police rule out foul play - 18th February 2002
A Christchurch artist, whose body was found in the passage of inner-city gay nightclub Menfriends, died of natural causes.
Read the full story - The Press

'Hate crimes' to be met with tough punishment - 13th February 2002
Criminals whose offending is motivated by a victim's race, religion or sexuality will face harsher sentences under proposed law changes.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

Longer stretch for 'hate crimes' - 12th February 2002
People who commit hate crimes - based on a victim's race, sexuality or religion - will face harsher sentences under law changes proposed by the Government.
Read the full story - Evening Post
Hate Crimes May Get Tougher Penalty - Xtra MSN News
Home Invasion Law Out, Hate Crimes In? - ACT Press Release

Nude bathers escape fines - 11th February 2002
People who walk their dogs along North Shore beaches during restricted hours are more likely to be fined than those who sunbathe naked.
Read the full story - North Shore Times Advertiser

Red Ribbon Blues - 10th February 2002
An AIDS Foundation proposal to reassess the number of HIV positive people on its board has sparked criticism from its target group.
Read the full story - Sunday Star Times

By George! - 10th February 2002
Georgina Beyer's life story has been sold to Australia and Britain even before it has screened on New Zealand TV.
Read the full story - Sunday Star Times

The law in the raw - 4th February 2002
Nudists are waggling their fingers at police for what the news media has enjoyed calling an undercover operation at popular North Shore beaches, The Southland Times writes in an editorial.
Read the full story - Southland Times

Caught by their short and curlies - 2nd February 2002
Undercover police are stripping to their togs and posing as sunbathers in a bid to catch nudists on popular beaches on the North Shore.
Read the full story - NZ Herald
St Leonards Beach is one of three Auckland nudist beaches popular with gay men - QNA Editor

Undercover police expose beach pervert - 1st February 2002
Police have gone undercover to catch people exposing themselves on North Shore beaches.
Read the full story - Auckland Stuff Newsroom
Beach Police To Nab Nudists - XtraMSN News
St Leonards Beach is one of three Auckland nudist beaches popular with gay men - QNA Editor

Property law for de facto couples attacked - 1st February 2002
The National Party says it would change new property laws that ride "roughshod" over couples who choose not to marry.
Read the full story - NZ Herald
Dialogue: De facto? Watch for the 50:50 split - NZ Herald
Breaking up is so expensive to do - NZ Herald
Property Torn Between Two Lovers - XtraMSN News
Property Act will bind couples more tightly - Otago Daily Times
Compulsory Marriage Bill a Disaster for Youth - National Party


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