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Anti-homophobia plan may curb suicide rate - 27th March 2002
An anti-gay bashing programme tested in Canberra schools could combat Australia's youth suicide rate.
Read the full story - Waikato Times

Scaled down Hero parade still a hit - 24th March 2002
A colourful and noisy Hero march down Ponsonby Rd on Saturday created a mid-afternoon spectacle for many surprised onlookers.
Read the full story - NZ Herald
Hero website -

Govt attacked for dropping guard on Aids - 18th March 2002
The Government has come under fire for letting immigrants into the country without first testing them for Aids and other infectious diseases.
Read the full story - The Dominion

Dancer prepares for Hero highlight - 15th March 2002
Looking into a mirror and seeing a woman stare back helps drag performer Kornisha combine masculinity and femininity to dramatic effect.
Read the full story - Central Leader
Hero website -

Good progress on gay rights, but NZ can 'do better' - 11th March 2002
When Tim Barnett saw three children playing in Dunedin on Saturday, he also saw future challenges.
Read the full story - Otago Daily Times

NZ still a decade away from gay equal rights: Barnett - 11th March 2002
It will take at least 10 years before homosexuals have full equality in New Zealand, says Labour MP Tim Barnett.
Read the full story - Stuff Newsite

New show offends councillor - 9th March 2002
A second Hamilton city councillor has attacked the Waikato Museum of Art and History this time for the museum hosting talks on Samoan lesbian artists and a vagina monologue.
Read the full story - Waikato Times

MP fights gay 'junk mail' - 9th March 2002
National MP Gerry Brownlee has bought a fight with the publishers of gay magazine Out!, who are threatening to take him to the Human Rights Commission for asking to be taken off its advertising mailing list.
Read the full story - The Dominion

Lifestyle series eyes earlier slot - 7th March 2002
Television's only gay and lesbian lifestyle television series has been heartened by encouraging words about minority programmes from TVNZ's new boss.
Read the full story - NZ Herald
Queer Nation website -

Last look at how Georgie Girl's changed - 4th March 2002
Georgina Beyer is hoping that by laying her life bare, yet again, she can finally rid herself of the label that has dogged her since coming to national prominence as Mayor of Carterton.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

`Hate crime' legislation has sinister, Orwellian overtones - 4th March 2002
The "hate crime" provision in the Government's Sentencing and Parole Reform Bill "is an underhand way of making sure that people learn to think the way the Government wants them to think", writes BRUCE LOGAN.
Read the full story - Otago Daily Times

Dialogue: Proposed law will punish felons for their thoughts - 4th March 2002
BRUCE LOGAN argues that legislating against 'hate crime' will create inequities and burden judges with the need to assess criminals' motives.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

Exhibition explores religious and sexual motifs - 1st March 2002
Sacred religious icons collide with the earthly, sexual body in a new exhibition, Votive: sacred and ecstatic bodies, which opens at the Dunedin Public Gallery tomorrow.
Read the full story - Otago Daily Times


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