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Murdered drifter attended funerals but no one went to his - 28th May 2002
Dressed in the shabby pinstripe suit he had bought from a Salvation Army op-shop, Jason Johnson left Napier last July and began hitchhiking to a funeral in Auckland.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

Hedwig heads festival lineup - 23rd May 2002
The Out Takes 2002 Lesbian and Gay Film Festival starts in Auckland this evening with an opening-night extravaganza and a film which has drawn comparisons to the longtime cult favourite The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Read the full story - NZ Herald
Outtakes website -

Man with HIV alone - 23rd May 2002
An Invercargill man with HIV said he had no one in Southland to help and support him and had even been shunned by the HIV-Aids Support Group.
Read the full story - Southland Times

Corpus Christi at the Maidment Studio - 18th May 2002
No protesters assembled at the theatre door, warning patrons to abandon hope for their immortal souls.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

AIDS is still a killer disease warns activists - 15th May 2002
HIV rates in Auckland are not falling.
Read the full story - Auckland City Harbour News

Funny business down on the farm - 13th May 2002
THEY live on the wild side down on the farm, with a lesbian liaison followed by a "straight" affair and the birth of quintuplets father unknown.
Read the full story - The Daily News

Sacrament or sacrilege: you be the judge - 13th May 2002
It takes a brave person to tackle Terrence McNally's "gay Jesus" play, Corpus Christi.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

So Graham Norton - the show that's so unfunny - 13th May 2002
Oh God. Not another bloody chat show.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

Gay Jesus play stirs violent passions - 11th May 2002
A play opening in Auckland next week that portrays Jesus as a gay man mocked as "king of the queers" has sparked bomb threats and violent protests in the United States and a Muslim-declared fatwa against the playwright in Britain.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

TAB says 'sorry, Ms' - 10th May 2002
The TAB says it will apologise to a transsexual offended by a raunchy radio advertisement.
Read the full story - The Press

Dattatech sponsors Gay Games IT - 9th May 2002
Systems integrator Dattatech is building the information systems infrastructure for the Gay Games which take place in Sydney this November.
Read the full story - NZ Infotech

Police watch on popular nudist beach - 2nd May 2002
Police will begin patrolling a popular Bay of Plenty nudist beach after complaints about the behaviour of gay men in the sand dunes.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

'Coming out' stressful without moral support - 1st May 2002
Geoffrey Dickman was part-way through his third-form year when he realised he was different.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

Help at hand for parents of gay children - 1st May 2002
Families who discover their son or daughter is gay often do not know where to turn for information and advice, but help is available.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

Gay insults become too much to bear - 1st May 2002
For years it has been the most popular insult in school playgrounds - fag, poofter, queer - and those are the tame versions.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

Man jailed for rape freed after retrial cancelled - 1st May 2002
A man who allegedly raped a lesbian has had the charge against him stopped in Wellington District Court.
Read the full story - The Evening Post


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