Famous Kiwi street artists auction for Amnesty

In celebration of Amnesty International’s 50th anniversary, some of New Zealand’s best known street artists are uniting to support the organisation’s street art exhibition and auction this Thursday to raise awareness about freedom of expression.

The exhibition, The Art of Freedom: Taking it back to the streets, will showcase pieces that have been donated by renowned street artists including Pest5, Simon Ormerod (Cracked Ink), ATom1746, DRYPNZ, NQR, Cracked Ink, James R Ford, Megan Bower-Vette, Oi You! and Billadona.

“It’s a privilege for us at Oi You! to support this Amnesty International initiative and we urge others to do the same by bidding on a great piece of artwork,” says George Shaw, organiser of The National Street Art Competition.”

“Behind every global conflict story in the media, there’s a real story which cannot be heard. Amnesty is listening and deserves more support,” says street artist Pest5.

“Street Art is taking the world by storm and this is New Zealand’s opportunity to see some of the talent we have here and show support for human rights,” says Amnesty New Zealand’s events intern Rachel Buchanan.

“By taking it back to the streets, we want to highlight the injustice of being imprisoned for exercising the fundamental human right of freedom of expression,” says Rachael.

Ai Weiwei, one of China’s most famous artist and political figures, is just one example of someone who has been denied their freedom of expression, and he features in a piece produced by Pest5 during Amnesty’s live art event last week at St Kevin’s Arcade.

This, along with other donated pieces will be sold through a TradeMe auction following the exhibition on Thursday.

For 50 years Amnesty International, now an international movement of more than 3 million people, has borne witness to abuses and atrocities, has offered hope to the oppressed and forgotten, and has campaigned with innovation and determination for justice. In recognition of this power to create incredible change The Art of Freedom: Taking it back to the streets will also showcase 50 years of Amnesty posters.

There will be live music all night and a free drink on entry.

Gallery Auction Event
When: Thursday 16th June, from 6:30pm
Where: Te Karanga Gallery, Level 1, 208 Karangahape Road, Auckland.

Trade Me Auction
When: Thursday 16th June until Sunday 26th June.
Where: Amnesty’s Trademe shop

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