Out & Around: Stories of a Not-So-Straight Journey

Out & Around traveling through 16 different countries over one year on a trip around the world. We have a project called Out & Around: Stories of a Not-So-Straight Journey (www.outandaround.com). The project’s mission is to strengthen our LGBT community by sharing their experience of world travel as a lesbian couple while meeting queer individuals across the globe. They want to raise awareness of the struggles of LGBT individuals around the world while also identifying stories of hope for change.

During their travels, they’ll be on the hunt for the Supergays – individuals who are leading the momentum on the LGBT movement. Super Gays may be directly involved in community organization, or they may be using their influence in politics, health, arts, entertainment, or business to raise awareness and make progress on gay issues.

Out & Around will be in New Zealand July 7th-July 14th. Contact them now if you know people who you think should be interviewed on their New Zealand visit.

Website: www.outandaround.com

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