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    Iconic K’ Rd Hotel Reclaims Name - And Goes Gay! - 28-Jul-2008
    On Friday 1 August, one of Auckland’s most iconic public houses, The Naval & Family Hotel on the corner of Karangahape Rd and Pitt St, will officially reclaim its original name.
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    Worker fired for Bebo post saying shifts 'gay' - 19-Dec-2007
    A Warehouse worker has been fired after posting comments about her workplace on the social networking website Bebo.
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    BARFLY: Gay bar stands proud in CBD - 13-Jan-2007
    YOU'VE gotta laugh. Just a few months ago, the downstairs bar on Victoria St was named 6 Feet Under, and was largely populated by heavy metal fans and skinhead wannabes big on Motorhead.
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    Air NZ worker in 'gay rights' ticket row - 25-Feb-2006
    When Ron Anders, an Air New Zealand employee in the United States, won two free air tickets with another airline he decided to visit his mother in Florida with his gay partner.
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    Tourism show set to drum up $2b - 12-Jun-2005
    About $2 billion in tourism business is expected to be generated at the Tourism Rendezvous NZ trade show in Christchurch next week.
    Tourism Rendezvous NZ (Trenz) is New Zealand's biggest tourism event. This year it has attracted more than 400 international travel buyers sho will be looking over the services provided by the more than 450 local tourism operators exhibiting at the event.

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    Fairydown clothing brand comes in from the cold - 18-Mar-2005
    The Fairydown outdoor clothing name - which disappeared from New Zealand shelves after Australian men said it was not blokey enough - has relaunched itself.
    The brand was renamed Zone in September 2003 because market research told the company the "fairy" in the name did not appeal to the blokey Aussie male who thought it had homosexual connotations.

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    Fairydown brand restored despite Aussie aversion to fairy word - 17-Mar-2005
    Arthur Ellis is reintroducing its iconic Fairydown clothing brand despite an aversion by Australian men to be associated with the word "fairy".
    Arthur Ellis made the Fairydown outdoor products range for 75 years but dropped it on its clothing when market research found the name was holding back the brand in Australia because of perceived homosexual connotations.

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    Homosexuals embrace Pansy Rose - 16-Nov-2004
    Australia's gay community has been quick to embrace the newest pansy in town - a fruity little New Zealand number produced by Auckland winemakers Kim and Erica Crawford.
    Pansy Rose has been aimed at the lucrative gay market, which polishes off around $4.5 million worth of wine each month, according to the wine's creators.

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    Best bar: For a gay ol' time - 14-Nov-2004
    Ponsonby Rd is going off tonight: sparks are flying, the air is filled with anticipation and you won't need to be a rocket scientist to work out it's Guy Fawkes. In keeping with the night's revelry, they're all larger-than-life smiles behind the bar at Surrender Dorothy. The temperature's taken a turn for the better so the bifold doors are wide open at the street front, which adds to its casual, welcoming feel.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Sunday Star Times
    NZ winemaker targets Sydney gays - 12-Nov-2004
    A New Zealand wine company is targeting the Sydney gay community with a brand labelled Pansy.
    Sydney gays polish off an estimated $4.5 million of wine per month – a fact recognised by Kim Crawford Wine

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    Coca-Cola and School Textbooks - 28-Jan-1996
    The recent recall of thousands of Coca-Cola posters in New Zealand and Australia, after the image of an erect penis and an open mouthed person was found hidden in the artwork, caused much embarrassement for Coca-Cola executives.
    However this case appears not to be an isolated incident with another sexually explicit image been found in the New Zealand Economic Studies Text, Budgeting, Banking, Insurance and Accounting, which features on its cover a view of the city which includes a dormer window view through which a couple can be seen having sexual intercourse.

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    New Gay Bar for Rotorua - 2-Dec-2008
    Shampers, in Rotorua, is opening with a VIP launch on December 12th. Drag shows and other entertainment are planned for the opening weekend.
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