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    Designer's killer loses manslaughter appeal - 14-Apr-2005
    The killer of celebrity interior designer David McNee has lost his appeal against a nine-year prison term for manslaughter.
    The Court of Appeal said Phillip Layton Edwards' sentence was not out of line with comparable manslaughter cases.

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    Appeal Court reserves decision in McNee case - 17-Feb-2005
    The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision over an appeal by the man jailed last year for the manslaughter of gay television celebrity David McNee.
    Phillip Layton Edwards' appeal against his sentence of nine years was heard by the court yesterday.

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    David McNee murder case. - 27-Jul-2004
    The trial has started of the accused in the McNee murder case. Details here. The victim's last movements were traced to The Den (an SOS site, subject of an earlier post) and a K Road bar, The Owl.
    Following a John Waters aphorism "A man always looks better under arrest", the accused looks eminently fuckable and you can't really fault David McNee's sexual taste.
    But my advice would be: keep your sex on site, it's safer than takeaways.

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    Killer's blackmail letters from jail - 2-Oct-2004
    The man who killed interior designer David McNee claims he will expose four other "high-profile" men who paid him for sex.
    Phillip Layton Edwards is serving a nine-year sentence for the manslaughter of Mr McNee last year.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    A lonely death - 18-Sep-2004
    The killer of David McNee is due to be sentenced this week. His trial raised uncomfortable questions about New Zealand attitudes.
    Listening to a dead person being made responsible for their own violent death is an odd sensation. You can’t help but want to yell out. At the Auckland High Court, Phillip Layton Edwards was charged with the murder of David McNee, aged 54. In the media, McNee was called an “interior decorator”, “television celebrity” and a man with an “out of control sexual appetite”. The man charged with his murder was a young Maori, whom the media called “homeless”. This neat apposition – interior decorator and homeless man – set the stage for a theatre piece by which society could play out its values.

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    recklessness and murder - 20-Aug-2004
    by this definition i would have thought Edwards had committed the necessary elements:
    1. meaning to cause McNee a bodily injury
    2. that he knew was likely to cause death (ie the 40 something stabs) (i think, but am not sure, that the "reasonable person" test applies here)
    3. and being reckless about it (ie taking the risk that it would result in death)

    Read the full story/Visit the site - span (ner in the works)
    Ageing rentboy manslaughters ageing queen - 18-Aug-2004
    A jury of his peers(!) have delivered a verdict of manslaughter on the accused Phillip Edwards in the David McNee murder case. Sorry, it's not a murder case. My apologies for the sloppy legal language. In New Zealand, "homosexual panic" is a lawful and accepted form of defence against a charge of murder if you find yourself, as a self-professed heterosexual, with a dead gay body on your hands. Or you have been indulging in some innocent puppetry-of-the-penis man-to-man play and suddenly you realise that if you want to get into his booze cabinet and his black Audi, you better start working fast and having his finger up your arse just cramps your style. And you don't want your buddy jailbirds to know you had a finger up your arse cos otherwise the cons will use your arse nightly, and that would be, like, really humiliating.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - It's good to be a guy
    "Homosexual Panic": A lament for David McNee - 18-Aug-2004
    Alison Laurie has a good piece in the Herald today, discussing the murder of David McNee by Phillip Edwards in Auckland earlier this year.
    It saddens me hugely that a jury of ordinary citizens would accept provocation as a defence in any case. Queer people are no more "volcanoes of desire" than straight people, in my experience - and no less, either.
    What kind of legal system allows such institutionalised homophobia?

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Just Left - Jordan Carter's Blog

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