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    Where have all the real men gone? - 10-Jun-2005
    What do our Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Governor-General, Speaker of the House, Chief Executive of Telecom NZ, and 60 per cent of those with degrees and post-graduate qualifications, have in common? They are the so-called weaker sex – the tender gender. These days it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to be a man. Either we’re too in touch with our feminine side (and therefore must be gay) or we’re misogynist macho red-necks whose idea of the perfect woman is pregnant, stupid, and in the kitchen. The men in between aren’t considered ‘balanced’ but wishy-washy and confused. And why shouldn’t they be?
    Male role models are distinctly unreal. Males are scarce in all the places that matter. They’ve been chased out of kindergartens, primary schools…and increasingly from their role as fathers. And it starts with the young; we’re now called birthing partners not fathers! We have become so PC that we can’t discriminate against any alternative domestic arrangements!

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Marc Alexander
    Relationships Bill Welcomed - 16-Mar-2005
    The NZ Association of Rationalists and Humanists welcomes the passing of the Relationships (Statutory References) Bill into law, by a commanding majority of Parliament.
    Couples in committed relationships will now be able to enjoy the public recognition and legal rights to which they are entitled, regardless of whether they are able to marry or wish to do so.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZARH
    Relationships Act based on flawed ideas - 16-Mar-2005
    “The Relationships Act passed by Parliament last night is based on the flawed idea that Civil Unions and Marriage are equivalent and should be treated the same in law,” says Maxim Institute Communications Director, Scott McMurray.
    “Civil Unions are not equivalent to Marriage and consequently should not have the same rights and responsibilities as marriage conferred on them.”

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Maxim Institute
    A call to all decent Members of Parliament - 14-Mar-2005
    It has become obvious that the Labour-led government has succeeded in helping many fall for the spin of the homosexual lobby. In particular homosexuals are good at shamelessly lying about legitimate studies of the effects and dangers surrounding the homosexual life-style. I urge New Zealanders, however, to independently review the literature on homosexual abuse and perversion themselves. Don’t believe the propaganda of the homosexual lobby!!
    Why do I and many others have this concern about further normalising homosexuality, which the Relationships bill aids and abets? One of those reasons is that we desire to save New Zealand children from predatory homosexuals.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Reformation Testimony Garnet Milne
    Government Caves In To The Rainbow Vote - 10-Mar-2005
    New Zealand First MP, Brian Donnelly who voted for the Civil Union Bill and the first reading of the Relationships (Statutory References) Bill, claims that the government has rolled over on its principles because of the gay vote.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ First
    Government Caves In To The Rainbow Vote
    TVNZ Rejects “Gay” Lobby Group Complaint - 14-Feb-2005
    TVNZ received a bizarre complaint from two homosexual political lobby groups - a so-called “media watchdog group” GayWatch and - over coverage of what they claimed was: ‘a misleading phone poll that the network implied showed public opinion overwhelmingly against recognising gay relationships despite describing the poll as “transparently unscientific”.’
    Not surprisingly, the broadcaster has not upheld this self-serving complaint and yet reports that both complainants will be appealing the decision to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Society For Promotion Of Community Standards Inc.
    Related Site - TVNZ
    Gay And Lesbian Elected Reps Meet With Mayor - 22-Dec-2004
    Press Release: Eden Albert Community Board
    At a meeting Monday afternoon with the Mayor, gay and lesbian community board members Lindsey Rea, Bruce Kilminster and Christopher Dempsey heard the Mayor explain his actions in opposing the Civil Union Bill. The Mayor reaffirmed his commitment to being open to dialogue, and has promised to seek a greater understanding of the gay and lesbian community's concerns at his stance. "We sought and received a commitment from the Mayor towards rebuilding bridges with the gay and lesbian community following his actions" said Bruce Kilminster.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Auckland City Council
    Hubbard to reconsider anti-gay stats letter - 20-Dec-2004
    Press Release: Gay Auckland Business Association
    Hubbard agrees to reconsider signed anti-Civil Union and anti-gay stats letter.
    Following the issuance of a “please explain” letter sent to the office of Mayor Dick Hubbard three members of the GABA executive, President Richard James, Johnny Givins and Gresham Bradley, attended a meeting with the Mayor on Thursday Dec 16th to discuss the serious issues arising from the Mayor’s signing of a letter opposing the Civil Unions Bill which also quoted highly negative statistics regarding children in gay/lesbian families.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - GABA
    Baldock promotes Doha Declaration on the Family - 14-Dec-2004
    “What clearly seems to be the problem is that this UN Declaration does not support the diversity of same-sex families as hoped for by New Zealand and other liberal European nations.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - United Future
    A gay and happy day - 10-Dec-2004
    Press Release: Green Party
    The Green Party is elated that the Civil Union Bill has been passed.
    "This is a gay and happy day - heterosexual and same-sex people in de facto relationships can now get coupled," said Nandor Tanczos, the Greens' Justice Spokesperson.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Green Party
    Civil Union Bill passes but debate continues - 10-Dec-2004
    The Civil Union Bill passed its third and final vote today by 65 votes to 55, only a week after the second reading. Debate on the Civil Union Bill has raised the profile of family and marriage in New Zealand - which is long overdue. Our hope is that the support for marriage and family shown by an unprecedented number of submissions will encourage future law and policy initiatives to promote the value of marriage.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Maxim Institute
    Raelians Support Civil Union Bill - 9-Dec-2004
    The NZ Raelian Movement wishes to express its full support for the Civil Union Bill to be passed in New Zealand.
    Read the full story/Visit the site
    Anderton regrets Catholic alignment with Destiny Church’s misunderstandings - 7-Dec-2004
    Progressive leader Jim Anderton today expressed regret at the view outlined in a Catholic bishops' Open Letter on the Civil Union Bill because, he said, it appears to misunderstand the impact and the purposes of the legislation.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Jim Anderton
    Anderton regrets Catholic alignment with Destiny Church’s misunderstandings
    Referendum an inappropriate and dangerous precedent - 7-Dec-2004
    “With a clear majority of the public supporting civil unions, a referendum on the Civil Union Bill would be both costly and unnecessary,” said Regan Andrew, spokesperson for the Campaign for Civil Unions today.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Campaign for Civil Unions
    Civil unions and calling evil good and good evil - 7-Dec-2004
    “do not undermine anyone’s rights” and that those opposed to the bill are really against the folk who would benefit from its provisions. He is wrong on both counts. The rights of decent New Zealanders are attacked directly by this bill and its companion bill the Relationships bill. We have the right to live in a decent society where moral values are upheld by civil government. When the government undermines the moral values of a society, as they are doing in promoting these bills, they are attacking our rights.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Campaign Against Civil Union Bill
    Civil Unions Isn’t Gay Marriage – Yeah Right - 6-Dec-2004
    Dunedin South MP David Benson-Pope woke this morning to find every single window on his electorate office covered in colour posters modelled on the Tui Beer ads protesting the duplicity behind the Civil Unions Bill.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Matthew Flannagan
    Civil Union Bill, Sodomy & “Neofascism” Slurs - 6-Dec-2004
    “Homosexual activists promoting the Civil Union Bill have been driven into a state of apoplexy over news that an amendment calling for a referendum on the Bill will be tabled in the House this week,” says spokesperson for the Campaign Against the Civil Union Bill, Rev. Garnet Milne. For example, homosexual Craig Young in an article published on the website on 3 December, labels all those supporting a referendum “Referenda Rabble Rousers” and accuses them of either being neo-fascists or linked to an organisation he labels “neofascist”.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Campaign Against Civil Union Bill
    Unknown Warrior hijacked for pagan purpose - 6-Dec-2004
    More specifically, the men and women of that era rejected much of what we see accepted today. They opposed prostitution; they abhorred homosexuality; and they were repelled by anything hinting of pornography. They held to the core biblical values of freedom, honesty and decency. When they went to war, they went to fight and die on the battlefields of the Somme and Gallipoli and other theatres of war precisely for their values.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Campaign Against Civil Union Bill
    'Civil Relationships' a better alternative - 6-Dec-2004
    “Maxim Institute supports the ‘Civil Relationships Bill’ proposed by Richard Worth to amend the Civil Union Bill. It provides legal certainty for relationships, yet does not create a parallel form of marriage, ” says Maxim Institute Legal Counsel, Nicki Taylor.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Maxim Institute

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