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    Editorial: Rules must control abuse of privilege - 14-Mar-2005
    Not for the first time in his long career under parliamentary protection Winston Peters has used his privilege in a way that must be of concern to anyone with a sense of fairness and decency. Last week in Parliament Mr Peters took it upon himself to accuse a man of paedophilia on what turned out to be the flimsiest of connections. The man, Jim Peron, who owns a bookshop in Auckland, had previously owned one in San Francisco where a group calling itself the "North American Man Boy Love Association" used to hold its meetings. Mr Peron says the group was using the shop when he bought it but he soon became "uncomfortable" about the arrangement and asked them to move on. But by the time he put that explanation into the public arena, the airwaves were alive with his character assassination.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    My Brothers Keeper? - 11-Mar-2005
    Auckland man and Aristotle Bookshop owner Jim Peron has been in the news this week, having been condemned in Parliament by New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters. The accusations are very serious and while it pains me to repeat them, in order to understand the controversy, it is necessary to know what was said.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Heather Roy's Diary
    The Whole Truth by Jim Peron - 11-Mar-2005
    There is no way that someone can adequately express the horror that is inflicted on a person when the worst allegations possible are levelled on the floor of parliament.
    Winston Peters did that to me and he made my life a living hell. Last night I got some sleep for the first time since this started, not much, but some. I've eaten a bit as well but my appetite hasn't returned yet. I'll call that the Winston Diet.

    Read the full story/Visit the site -
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    Immigrant employed sex offender in US, says Peters - 11-Mar-2005
    New Zealand First leader Winston Peters told Parliament yesterday that United States immigrant and Auckland bookstore owner Jim Peron had his San Francisco shop raided by police in 1987 because he employed a sex offender.
    That was despite Mr Peron having said on Radio New Zealand yesterday that he had never been arrested or investigated for anything.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    Immigrant denies link to sex ring - 10-Mar-2005
    Auckland bookshop owner and immigrant Jim Peron - accused by Winston Peters in Parliament yesterday of having links to the North America Man Boy Love Association - said last night that he allowed the group to meet in a bookshop he ran in San Francisco, in the 1980s.
    But he told the Herald in a written statement that he was uncomfortable with the group's positions and asked it to find other space.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    Peters again - 10-Mar-2005
    Winston Peters' attack on Jim Peron yesterday appears to be just one more in a string of incidents in which Peters has made extraordinary allegations against members of the public, under the protection of Parliamentary privilege, with the intention of raising his own profile.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Russell Brown's Hardnews
    Jim Peron Interviewed On Peters Parlt. Allegations - 10-Mar-2005
    Scoop has comprehensive coverage of this story, including an interview with Jim Peron and some speculation about its origins. It would seem that like many other people, Peron has fallen out with Lindsay Perigo (who enthusiastically welcomed him in 2002) over some factional dispute, but Scoop doesn't favour Peron's allegation that Perigo is behind Peters' claims.
    This includes a link to the BFM interview with Jim Peron

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Scoop
    Winston Peter's Parliamentary Question and Answer Residency - Employees of Relocating Businesses - 9-Mar-2005
    Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS (Leader-NZ First) to the Minister of Immigration: What are the requirements for a person to qualify for residency under the employees of relocating businesses category, and is he satisfied that this policy is working in the interests of New Zealanders?
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives
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    Winston Peter's Parliamentary Question and Answer Residency -  Employees of Relocating Businesses

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