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Jim Peron (32)
Articles about Jim Peron
Peter Ellis (16)
News about Peter Ellis and the Christchurch Civic Creche case.


    Historian delves behind Heavenly Creatures - 27-Jan-2007
    An Auckland historian's personal link with the infamous Parker-Hulme murder has inspired him to research how it was portrayed by film-maker Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - The Press
    Carmen, 70, goes back to Parliament - 11-Oct-2006
    Gay identity Carmen was back at Parliament yesterday, 32 years after being hauled before a select committee for alleging some MPs were closet homosexuals.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    Pacific writer residency awarded to Victor Rodger - 11-Jul-2006
    Award-winning writer Victor Rodger is the recipient of the 2006 Fulbright-Creative New Zealand Pacific Writers' Residency, based at the Centre for Pacific Studies at the University of Hawai'i.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Creative New Zealand
    Writer awarded Hawaii residency - 11-Jul-2006
    Writer Victor Rodger is Hawaii-bound after winning the 2006 Pacific Writers' Residency.
    Rodger, who was born and grew up in Christchurch, plans to use the residency to write a screenplay drawing on events in his semi-autobiographical play, Sons

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    A decent proposal - 7-Oct-2006
    In his first job, Bill Hastings was a film destroyer. At age 16, in a Toronto warehouse, his daily task was to run films - mainly the old silver nitrate inflammable kind - off their reels into bins for destruction.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    Carmen recalls Coffee Lounge glory days - 23-Apr-2006
    Attention mystery gentlemen. Yes, you know who you are. You rich, powerful businessmen of 1960s Wellington. Married with families when you crept to the top flat at 86 Vivian St at night to sample Carmen's carnal delights.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    Barrymore expects protests in UK - 4-Jan-2006
    Michael Barrymore is reported as fearing angry protests when he arrives in the UK to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.
    Read the full story/Visit the site
    Big Brother' calling Barrymore home - 2-Jan-2006
    Former entertainment superstar Michael Barrymore may be quitting New Zealand and returning to Britain's TV spotlight after signing up for his home country's Big Brother series.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    Radio icon as cuddly as kina - 24-Jul-2005
    Even as we are arranging our meeting, on the phone Henare te Ua is telling stories. One is about how he once interviewed A.W. Reed, the publisher whose name is on the spine of te Ua's autobiography, In the Air. That interview took place, oh, many years ago, yet te Ua, slipping easily into his esteemed broadcaster role, talks about Reed as though he met him yesterday. "He was tall and angular, with rheumy eyes. He had all his wits about him."
    This is a grand thing to say about a man who was then elderly.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    Carmen's back for Telling Tales - 30-May-2005
    Darling, I couldn't possibly comment... Carmen, former stripper, erstwhile mayoral candidate and New Zealand's best-known drag queen, wasn't going to let too many things slip as guest of honour at the opening of Telling Tales in Wellington on Saturday.
    Born Trevor Rupe in Taumarunui 69 years ago, Carmen - who launched her entertainment career in Wellington in the 1970s - arrived larger than life in flowery hat and a handbuilt antique Mander limousine.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - The Dominion Post
    Hometown Tokoroa still tugs at author's heart - 21-May-2005
    Author Stella Duffy spent a lot of time crying on a visit to her hometown of Tokoroa. But she was able to say `goodbye' properly.
    Tokoroa still tugs at Stella Duffy's heart-strings, even though she's been gone from there a long time. "I love it. I don't want to live there, but I love it," she says.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Waikato Times
    Street talk: Out and about - 8-May-2005
    As gay identity merges into the mainstream, it has become harder to have an exclusively gay night on the town in Auckland, says DAVID HERKT.
    Ironically, the Auckland gay scene thrived in more bigoted times. There were discreet clubs like the infamous Backstage where patrons entered through a loading-dock and were peered at through a hatch in the door before being admitted. Then in 1986 - after a third of New Zealand's population signed a petition demanding that gay sex continued to be punished by terms of imprisonment - the Homosexual Law Reform bill was passed. The gay mega-club was born, and Auckland venues like Alfies and Staircase stridently celebrated the newly-legal status of gay sexuality.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Sunday Star Times
    The diversity.geek - 18-Mar-2005
    "There are a myriad of unspoken 'rules' that guide non-disabled people's response to intimacy with disabled people," says Philip Patston. "I began thinking about this stuff at sixteen and I still haven't really sussed it out twenty years later."
    Patston describes himself as a white, disabled, vegetarian, gay man. He's also a diversity consultant, social entrepreneur, comedian and writer. A qualified social worker, he spent five years working at the New Zealand Human Rights Commission. Patston's mission is to encourage society to see the value of diversity, embracing it as a natural expression of human life.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Radio Netherlands
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    NZAF Board Member made significant contribution - 17-Mar-2005
    The February resignation of Vaughan Lock from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation’s Board of Trustees has been accepted with regret, says acting chair Simon Robb.
    "Vaughan provided a tremendous range of skills to the board,” Simon Robb said. “With his legal background, Vaughan understood the role of trustee and the importance of good governance. His medical background meant that he could grasp the clinical issues people living with HIV/AIDS face.”

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZAF
    Pragmatic love - 10-Mar-2005
    Humour is your best defense it's said, and Philip Patston's use of comedy is certainly disarming... especially fired off the stage by a guy in a wheelchair.
    Born in England, Philip's family emigrated to the supposedly more benign weather of Auckland, New Zealand where Philip has lived most of his life.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Radio Netherlands
    Related Site - Radio New Zealand
    NZAF acknowledges the work and support of Michael Stevens and Stephen Stehlin - 19-Jan-2005
    Raising the public profile of people living with HIV and bringing the vibrancy of Pacific people’s to the deliberations and activities of the Foundation are key themes to the contribution made by recently resigned New Zealand AIDS Foundation Trust Board members Michael Stevens and Stephen Stehlin.
    NZAF Executive Director Rachael le Mesurier said it was with sadness and an enormous amount of appreciation that the Foundation accepted Michael Steven’s resignation as Chair and Board Member with the Annual general meeting AGM in November 2004 being his last task as trustee.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZAF
    NZAF farewells Kevin Baker, Jonathan Smith and that dynamic duo: Buffy and Bimbo - 19-Jan-2005
    A combined total of more than sixteen years of support for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS has been acknowledged by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation as it farewells long-serving Positive Health Manager Kevin Baker and his partner (and former NZAF Board Chairman) Jonathan Smith.
    “The New Zealand AIDS Foundation is grateful for the wonderful years of work Kevin has given to us,” said Executive Director Rachael Le Mesurier, “and also wants to acknowledge Jonathan’s work not only on the NZAF Board but his huge role as organiser of a significant number of awareness raising and fundraising events for the Foundation.”

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZAF
    2004 for New Zealanders: Douglas Wright - 1-Jan-2005
    In February Douglas Wright published a book. It was his first and an extraordinary work: a wonderfully moving dance in words. It was received with deserved critical acclaim which should have made him very happy.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald

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