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    Lesbian to head Methodist church - 16-Oct-2005
    The likely appointment of a lesbian as the new head of one of New Zealand's largest churches is threatening to tear it apart.
    The Rev Diana Tana, who has publicly stated she is in a lesbian relationship, looks set to be appointed president of the Methodist Church next month, as no other nominations have been received.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    Peter Cullinane: Time to exercise the conscience vote - 18-Aug-2005
    It is in the interests of political parties and candidates to know what the public wants. So it comes back to us, the public. What do we want? More important, what are our wants based on?
    The focus of this reflection is our own values and attitudes, because what we expect of candidates comes back to what really matters to us.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    Tamaki talks of terrorism against family values - 9-Jul-2005
    As the world reflected on the terrorist bombings in London, Brian Tamaki focused his attentions on "acts of terrorism" against the New Zealand family.
    The Destiny Church leader spoke to an audience of more than 200 at the Nation Under Siege tour in Lower Hutt last night to drum up support for the Destiny NZ political party.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - The Dominion Post
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    Destiny DVD gets past censor - 25-Jun-2005
    A Destiny Church DVD explaining its hardline stance on homosexuality and with graphic abortion images has been rated as suitable for audiences over 16 years by the Censor's Office, despite the chief censor coming under fire in the DVD.
    The DVD, Nation Under Siege, is narrated by Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
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    Tapu Misa: Economic hardship society's true evil - 22-Jun-2005
    I had occasion recently to dine with a group of what we have come to know these days as fundamentalist Christians. And very nice people they were, too. They were earnest and sincere, their eyes shining with the kind of light that comes from doing good deeds for one's neighbours.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    Bishop fulfils his destiny - 19-Jun-2005
    God looked down on the ordination of Bishop Brian Tamaki in Manukau yesterday afternoon and lo, he was much pleased.
    Or so thought the 3000 Destiny Church faithful who paid up to $70 a ticket for a seat at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre, only to be reminded again that moral crusades can't be waged on the cheap.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
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    Tamaki's anti-gay DVD goes to censor - 19-Jun-2005
    A DVD produced by Destiny Church leaders Brian and Hannah Tamaki has been sent to the chief censor for classification because of its overt political and anti-gay content.
    The Tamakis produced the giveaway DVD, New Zealand, Nation Under Siege, which they plan to take on tour this week. But they have failed in their first attempt to have it rated for general release.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Sunday Star Times
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    100 years of worship for church on the edge - 16-May-2005
    An image of a stained glass window hangs on the rear wall of the Reverend Glynn Cardy's office at St Matthew-in-the-City church.
    "It's really three photographs pasted together," the Auckland-based Anglican minister said, as he looked at the abstract swirl of colour and shape. "You don't get the feel of the colour here. It's quite radical."

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
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    Wellington's new archbishop both diplomat and priest - 9-Apr-2005
    Pride may be a sin but I think we can forgive the newly installed Archbishop of Wellington, John Dew, for wanting to show off a little. In any case, it is a thing - albeit a grandly named thing - he is keen on showing off.
    He leads us through his lovely pink cathedral to one of those odd, musty, utilitarian rooms which exist in the back areas of churches and here we behold his cathedral.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    Destiny Church moves to shut critic's website - 2-Apr-2005
    The Destiny Church has threatened legal action against the owner of the website, who says it is an information site "to help people to think for themselves".
    Church legal operations manager Raymond Greenfield said the domain name was confusingly similar to its own

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
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    Garnett Milne and Dictatorship? - 18-Mar-2005 would like to point out to Garnett Milne a flaw in his press release in which he states that the “PM fails to stack up to St. Paul’s ideals”. We firstly would like to point out to Mr. Milne that New Zealand is a secular country, and as such has full freedom of religion. We wonder if Mr. Milne is aware of the irony inherent in his position when first he claims:
    “Since Mrs Clark rejects the Word of God which is able to correct the faulty ethical viewpoints now pervasive in fallen human nature, it is inevitable that her ethics will be depraved. Her innate sense of right and wrong will produce ethical conclusion which are consistent with fallen human nature.”

    Read the full story/Visit the site -
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    Keep politics at bay, says new church leader - 7-Mar-2005
    Church and politics do not mix, says the new Bishop of Aotearoa, Bishop Brown Turei. He told the Herald yesterday he did not think church leaders should be involved in politics.
    Bishop Turei has been elected as the new Pihopa o Aotearoa, or leader of the Maori arm of the Anglican Church.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
    The gospel according to Peter - 6-Mar-2005
    Pastor Peter Mortlock is anti-gay, has a voice in parliament and urges his flock to give for the glory of God. Meet the white middle class's answer to Destiny leader Brian Tamaki. Tony Wall reports.
    HE IS A Harley Davidson-riding televangelist who preaches a conservative form of Christianity to a large congregation of singing, clapping parishioners.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Sunday Star Times
    Usually, the rot begins at the top. - 14-Feb-2005
    Charles is not only very compatible with the gutter morality of our present government who have foisted homosexual marriage and legalised prostitution upon us, just to name two of Labour’s “achievements”, but the prince is also on exactly the same religious wave length as our universalist “tolerateeverythingbarbiblicalChristianity” political comrades.
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    Destiny's children on a mission - 12-Feb-2005
    They think New Zealand is going to hell in a handcart. Homosexual behaviour is an abomination. Sex before marriage is a sin. The husband is the leader; the wife is there to support him. Their kids choose abstinence over safe sex.
    They are fundamentalist Christians. The Bible is the word of God, followed to the letter. They believe the time of the Rapture is near - when the trumpet will sound and those who believe in God will be lifted into the clouds, leaving the rest of us to eternal damnation.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - NZ Herald
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    A step closer to Christ - 11-Jan-2005
    Times: Was the ordination of gay preachers the reason New Zealand was dropped as the conference venue?
    Tafea: Yes, the reason New Zealand was slow in making a decision was that they had internal problems.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Fiji Times
    Meet to discuss gay issues - 8-Jan-2005
    THE ordaining of homosexual ministers into the New Zealand Methodist Church was the reason for the world leadership conference on evangelism being held in the country.
    World Methodist Church Council Regional Secretary Doctor Manase Tafea said he visited the New Zealand church leaders three years ago to ask if the meeting could be held there.

    Read the full story/Visit the site - Fiji Times
    Destiny Church march duplicated in US - 19-Dec-2004
    Brian Tamaki's "enough is enough" concept has been exported to America, with his religious mentor in Atlanta copying the rally last weekend - causing similar outrage among critics.
    Read the full story/Visit the site - Sunday Star Times

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