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Gorgeous announces performers

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    Gorgeous announces performers - 20-Jan-2005
    Gay and lesbian organisers are boasting an extravagant line-up at an afternoon street festival planned in Wellington's Manners Mall.

    Over the Rainbow spokesperson Stevie Wildewood said she was expecting people to come from all over the country to join in the February 19 event. "'Gorgeous' will be a celebration of sexuality with some of Wellington's finest gay-friendly talent." Performers would include Elena, Hinemoana Baker, Charlotte Yates and the Drag Kings, she said. Nationally acclaimed drag queen Buckwheat would be accompanied by former Queer Nation presenter Steven Oates as MC's of the event. "We have got a wide range of performers to appeal to different people." There would be DJ's, live bands, stalls and fun activities, she said. "Last year was a difficult one for our community, so we want to start 2005 positively." It would be a chance to build pride in people's sexual and gender orientations. "We also anticipate lots of straight people will join in with the party." The organisers had received lots of support from the gay community. "We have received forms of sponsorship from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, Express newspaper, Out There, Wellington City Council, the Fringe Festival, GAP and Conscious Graphics." The group was waiting for a number of other performers to give their final confirmation, including two well-known performers. The confirmed performers include: Elena, Hinemoana Baker, Buckwheat, the Drag Kings, Steven Oates, Charlotte Yates, the Women's Circus, Tyree Robertson, Queenie Aotearoa, Raskolnikovs, Ti Whanawhana, Ceridwyn Roberts and Carla Morris, and Mr Sterile.
    Ref: - Over the Rainbow

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