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Sisterhood Markets Homosexuality

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    Sisterhood Markets Homosexuality - 11-Feb-2005
    Seen the Health Departmentís "Hubba Hubba" ads, promoting condom use? There are several different versions. Watch carefully and you will see that one features two young men, as they say, getting down to business.

    Now, leaving aside the minor fact that we, at the worldwide headquarters of display unambiguously and rampantly heterosexual proclivities, there is an important issue here. We are now well past the debate on legalisation of homosexuality. And all manner of protections from discrimination against gays now exist in the law of the land. But this ad goes way further than that. Cynics suggest that its subliminal message is clearly that homosexuality is officially endorsed by the Government of the land (which has gone to the trouble of buying the ad) as one of the lifestyle options to be carefully considered by young people. Above all else, the ad will simply cause offence to many people. The ad is being pushed hardest on TV2, where the largest audience of young people is to be found. The Sisterhood will no doubt defend the advertisement on the basis that it delivers a health message. But they could easily have done that without graphic depictions of sexual encounters of any kind. And they certainly did not need to spend taxpayersí cash rarking up the very un-gay folks at the worldwide headquarters.
    Ref: - Murray McCully - Hubba Hubba

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