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Fists fly at Auckland's Big Gay Out

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    Fists fly at Auckland's Big Gay Out - 13-Feb-2005
    Fists were flying at the country's biggest gay and lesbian festival in Auckland on Sunday, after a christian protester turned up with strong views against homosexual relationships.
    No arrests were made from the several thousand strong crowd, but it's raised concern there could be more trouble just months before the controversial civil union act comes into force.

    "No, I'm not from Destiny Church, I don't agree with everything they do but I do wish to tell you this much; I respect them for standing up for the filth and perversion of sodomy in this nation," said the lone protester.

    The man's views naturally did not go down well with the crowd who let him know their views on homosexuality.

    "That's a man there who can't make up his own mind.. because he's too stupid," said one, while another shouted "god made me gay and I love it."

    Organisers say this is the first time in six years an incident like this has happened here and while they had been trying to control the crowds the heckling towards the protestor had been constant all afternoon.

    Police took over crowd control but no arrests were made, instead they escorted the protester around crowds of several thousand.

    And with the Civil Union Act due to pass in a few months, it was behaviour that failed to shock the crowd.

    "People are going to protest anyway, like Gandhi, passive resistance is the only way to go."

    "I wouldn't go into one of their things and go and tell them their wrong - just leave us alone for heavens sake," said another.

    Prime Minister Helen Clark also made an appearance as did Auckland Mayor Dick Hubbard.

    And with the incident over, the music was cranked up, for what the day was really about.
    Ref: - TVNZ - HERO

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