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Garnett Milne and Dictatorship?

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    Garnett Milne and Dictatorship? - 18-Mar-2005 would like to point out to Garnett Milne a flaw in his press release in which he states that the “PM fails to stack up to St. Paul’s ideals”. We firstly would like to point out to Mr. Milne that New Zealand is a secular country, and as such has full freedom of religion. We wonder if Mr. Milne is aware of the irony inherent in his position when first he claims:
    “Since Mrs Clark rejects the Word of God which is able to correct the faulty ethical viewpoints now pervasive in fallen human nature, it is inevitable that her ethics will be depraved. Her innate sense of right and wrong will produce ethical conclusion which are consistent with fallen human nature.”

    Mr. Milne Seemingly indicates that he would like to see a nation run on Christian principles. He has throughout the Civil Unions and Statutory References debates been extremely vocal on his views of having a Christian government for this country. Yet on his web site he roundly condemns the theocratic persecution of the Christian minority in the Islamic African State of Mauritania. In an extract from Mr. Milnes site it is stated that:

    “The gospel of salvation is severely repressed. According to the US State Department's International Religious Freedom Report 2004 (released September 2004) the constitution establishes Mauritania as an Islamic republic with Islam as the religion of the State and of its citizens. Importing, printing or selling Bibles is banned, as is any literature that undermines, contradicts or threatens Islam. All television and radio are state controlled. All non-Muslim missionary activity is prohibited. Apostasy (leaving Islam) is banned. Sharia (Islamic law) has been enshrined as the law of the land since 1983. Faith in Jesus Christ can be extremely costly.”

    We would like to point out to Mr. Milne that the system of government he wishes to install, and has indeed endorsed over the last few months is in fact identical to that criticised on his web site. We would like to point out to Mr. Milne the inherent irony in his position and the rather contradictory attitude he is taking. We would also like to remind Mr. Milne that the secular government he rails so often about, as witnessed in the case in Mauritania, is the only reason he can worship freely and how he wishes.
    Ref: - - Garnet Milne - Reformation Testimony

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