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Peron Paedophilic Publication "Objectionable"

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    Peron Paedophilic Publication "Objectionable" - 10-May-2005
    The Chief Censor has advised Rt Hon Winston Peters that the publication “Unbound” published by Jim Peron has been classified as “objectionable” because it promotes the exploitation of children and young people for sexual purposes.
    New Zealand First passed a copy of the publication on to the Department of Internal Affairs several weeks ago.

    Mr Peters said today that the “objectionable” classification showed that the publication would be illegal in New Zealand and that the publisher(s) would be prosecuted were it published here. “We don’t need people in New Zealand who have a history of being involved in this sort of activity. The sooner Mr Peron is given his permanent marching orders the better. “This man has no skills or trades that we are short of. He is only here because he is not welcome anywhere else.” Mr Peters said he would be providing a copy of the Chief Censor’s decision to the Immigration Minister. “The minister would be doing his country a service by ensuring this individual does not darken our shores again. “People who are on the record as promoting paedophilic relationships are sick and should be seeking treatment in their home country rather than imposing themselves on unsuspecting New Zealanders,” said Mr Peters.
    Ref: - Press Release: New Zealand First Party

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