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Nelson Bay TV and the debate in the Nelson Newspaper

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    Nelson Bay TV and the debate in the Nelson Newspaper - 18-Feb-1996
    The debate in the Nelson newspaper continues with the following letters to the editor appearing in the Nelson Mail.

    The following letter appeared supporting the Express Report


    Re the article, "Rejection of show angers gay community", (Nelson Mail, February 6), I am quite surprised and outraged that the Nelson regional communnity television channel, Bays Television, has decided not to air Express Report. In the wake of the Dunedin furore this action seems to be quite a bold and upsetting move indeed.

    Bays Television does in fact have a 'wide TV audience' which includes a very vibrant and dynamic gay and lesbian community, a community which would benefit from such a news programme as Express Report.

    I do hope that the Nelson community will make their opinions and views about Express Report known to Bob Hansel, co-owner of Bays Television, through letters, faxes, and phone calls directly to the studio. From what I understand from other parts of the country that saw the show, Express Report is a high standard programme definitely worthy of air-time in this region.

    It is, in fact, quite narrow-minded to believe an audience does not exist for Express Report. And for Bays Television to dismiss this audience is for Bays Television to let down the entire Nelson community.

    (Signed) Jenna Heller
    Nelson, February 7."

    and the following letter appeared opposing Express Report


    The law requires us to treat members of the homosexual community like the rest of us.

    In fact, the lifestyle they choose is fundamentally different from the norm.

    Having been raised in their young days largely at the expense of their parents, many of whom make the huge sacrifices of money and time needed to raise a family, they would normally be expected to repay that debt by raising a family of their own. Not so.

    The sacrifices, family responsibilities, even foodbanks are for someone else. It is to be hoped that the TV coverage of the gay life makes adequate mention of this aspect and describes the other ways, if any, that gays are compensating the community for opting out of their family responsibilities.

    (Signed) R.D. McIver (Mr)
    Stoke, 16 Feb. 1996.
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