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What's this Radical Homosexual Agenda?

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    What's this Radical Homosexual Agenda? - 17-Jun-2005
    Courtesy of self appointed Bishop Brian Tamaki new national tour we now can tell you what the "radical homosexual agenda" really is!
    Tamaki claims on his website - Well believe me there is one!

    It was not that long ago that our national television relayed the image of two male MP’s kissing in parliament. That image was captured on the front page of our newspapers. Who could forget that!

    Then only months later, our parliament became the party room for the gay community that celebrated the passing of the Civil Union Bill into the late hours.

    The fact is there is a radical homosexual agenda, that has been planned and pushed through our government and then onto this nation.

    It was birthed with the passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill back in the mid 1980’s. In spite of nearly a million people opposing it, since then through the Labour party, it has progressively outworked itself till it now includes;

    Civil Unions – and as we know it - gay marriage.

    This government introduced the fastest same sex marriage laws in the world.

    This, despite overwhelming opposition with over 90 percent of submissions opposing that Bill. This is proof that writing submissions alone is not enough.

    Next, the Relationships Act has re-written hundreds of pieces of legislation to accommodate same-sex relationships to normalise homosexuality through our law.

    Now, listen to this Sex Change Operations…Who would ever have thought, we the tax payer would be funding sex change operations while fudging genuine people in need of surgery on waiting lists.

    Here’s another one. ‘The Gender Identity Bill’ this proposed bill, authored by Labour MP Georgina Beyer, the worlds first transsexual MP, seeks to give special rights to transsexuals and cross-dressers.

    Then the decriminalisation of prostitution Bill, championed by gay activist and Labour MP Tim Barnett, which has led to the emergence of , now listen to this, 12 year old prostitutes on our streets.

    What about the abortion problems in our nation – did you know, last year 18,511 lives were terminated in the womb.

    That’s nearly the population of the size of the city of Levin. This situation is endorsed through law to the point where, now listen to this, underage girls can have abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

    Here’s the problem with this, our education system must now endorse these laws, so the homosexual lifestyle is now being taught, get this, to our children.
    Ref: - Bishop Brian Tamaki's Tour Site

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