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Press Release: Family Life International

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    Press Release: Family Life International - 5-Oct-2005
    Today's Court decision about failure to disclose HIV status highlights the frightening dangers of New Zealand's "safe" sex campaigns.
    Today's court decision regarding the failure of a man to reveal to his partner that he was HIV Positive, before engaging in sexual activity with her, highlights the very real flaws and dangers of the current safe sex messages that are being promoted in New Zealand.

    Condoms cannot provide foolproof protection against the HIV Virus and this decision, once again highlights the risks associated with placing your trust in a condom to protect you from a possible death sentence.

    If the people involved in this case had chosen to abstain from sexual activity then there would have been no risk of disease transmission and no need for this court case.

    Tragically many New Zealanders continue to place their trust in condoms, based on the erroneous information that they are being supplied, purely for the sake of a few moments of pleasure.

    It is criminal that our current "safe" sex campaigns seriously downplay, or fail to inform people, about the very real dangers associated with trusting a condom to keep you safe from sexual disease. As a result, many people take serious risks, rather than abstaining from sexual activity to ensure that they will not be faced with a life ending sexual disease.

    This case highlights in a very confronting way that choosing to engage in sex, even with so-called protection, presents many unseen risks that could cost someone their very life.
    Ref: - Family Life International

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