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    Red Cross fights AIDS - 1-Oct-2005
    The Fiji Red Cross Society hopes to strengthen its awareness of HIV/AIDS.
    Red Cross health care co-ordinator Jackie Drysdale said their activities were encouraging and they had received positive feedback from the public

    "We conduct awareness through peer education, in and out of school and vulnerable workers groups,'' Ms Drysdale said.

    "We want to increase our outreach and look at behaviour, which we think is more effective."

    She said they would evaluate people's understanding of the AIDS virus and practise what they learnt from the programs.

    Other advocacy support provided by the society includes training for people living with AIDS to be self-care, training for their careers in managing sores and handling of drugs.

    However, Ms Drysdale added that the lack of funds was their main hindrance. HIV/AIDS project officer Doctor Jiko Luveni commended the work done by the Red Cross, saying it contributed to the fight to control the spread of the deadly disease.

    "I must say they have complemented us well in their activities and their puppet show for HIV/AIDS has been very effective," Dr Luveni said.

    She also acknowledged various groups and NGOs which focussed their activities to promote the controlling of the killer virus.

    The local HIV/AIDS population is 190.
    Ref: - Fiji Times

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