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Daddy double act face wait

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    Daddy double act face wait - 21-May-2006
    Jeremy Lambert reckons his partner Romeo Brunt will be the favourite dad with their planned brood of kids.

    But all popularity contests are on hold until the Wellington couple have a child to be dads to.

    Last year they tried to have a baby through an arrangement with a lesbian couple, but after several failed attempts it became emotionally difficult and they decided to have a break.

    Lambert and Brunt would love to adopt a child, but that option is not available to them under New Zealand law.

    Individuals can adopt regardless of their sexual orientation, but the 1955 Adoption Act provides for couples only if they are married.

    Lambert, who works for a government department, says this is discriminatory and he would like to see New Zealand laws changed to recognise the complexity of how children can be brought into the world.

    "It is inconsistent with the Human Rights Act to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples being able to adopt on the basis of their sexual orientation," he said.

    "It's really about bringing New Zealand law in line with existing human rights law in this country."

    Lambert, 33, and Brunt, 23, have been together three years and are planning a civil union for their four-year anniversary. Both say they are ready to be fathers.

    Brunt says: "I come from a big family. I'm the oldest and I've always wanted kids."

    Lambert adds: "And I'm an only child so for that reason I've always wanted to have a large family."

    For Lambert, who is affiliated to Ngati Kahungunu and Ngati Porou, providing his mum with a grandchild and continuing the family lineage was also important.

    The pair are not troubled by any negative public perceptions of gay parents. Both have the support of friends and family and say any child raised in an atmosphere of love will have a good start in life.

    But they are worried about providing enough babysitting opportunities to everyone who's interested.

    "And also making sure we have enough wardrobe and drawer space for the number of garments that are likely to be thrust upon us," says Lambert.
    Ref: - Sunday Star Times

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