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Church wants no gay rights

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    Church wants no gay rights - 30-May-2006
    The Methodist Church has called on the Government to drop a section of the Constitution that upholds the rights of the gay community.

    We are appealing to the Government to amend the part of the Constitution which states the issue or entirely drop it, Methodist Church president Reverend Laisiasa Ratabacaca said.

    Mr Ratabacaca said the Government should seriously consider doing something on the issue.

    He said if leaders were concerned with morality and keeping Christian values and teachings they should see to it that the matter was dealt with.

    Mr Ratabacaca said it was common knowledge that the words were not part of the Reeves Report nor of any previous constitution of the country.

    He said the churchs conference had stressed the importance of sex in a godly sense.

    This will be an opportune time to look seriously at the issue.

    A senior clergy of the same church said sexual orientation was against the holy law of creation.

    The divine law of creation says that sex is from God, not meant only for enjoyment but for procreation. And this procreation is possible through the opposite sex, he said.

    The clergy said other practices were an abuse of Gods creation.

    The church does not condone homosexuality. We respect Gods law as final and sovereign and we bank our standard on it.

    The Methodist Church first started agitating for a change after a High Court ruling last year agreed that the Constitution was ruled by religion but also recognised the right of individuals.

    The pre-amble emphasises the enduring influence of Christianity and its contribution, with other faiths, to the spiritual life of Fiji, it said.
    Ref: - Fiji Times

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