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    Outline out here out there - 7-Oct-2007
    "After 35 years being known as the Auckland Gay and Lesbian Welfare Group Incorporated and using the names Gayline and Lesbianline, changes are in the air" says General Manager Neil Denney. "After months of consultation with our members and many hours of meetings we have officially become ‘Outline NZ’ with our members voting to ratify the change of name this week" he said today.

    "When Gayline started 35 years ago the community was very different" he says, " this was prior to law reform or legal civil union, back then we were illegal and people needed lots of support".

    "Times have moved on and our community has changed much in 35 years" says Neil, "we cater to a much wider audience then we did at first". "Initially gayline was set up by approximately 10 gay men and operated for gay men, out of their homes and became known as Auckland Gay and Lesbian Welfare Group" said Mr. Denney. "In 2007 we have grown so much as a community and for some time we have catered to a wider cross section then just gay and lesbian callers" he said. "Over recent years we have taken calls from the whole rainbow spectrum that makes up our community and their families and whanau" says Neil, "our focus has changed and the name Outline NZ more clearly represents that change of focus".

    Mr. Denney says "for some time we have taken calls from right around the country via the 0800 HIV/AIDS hotline and on the general counselling line. The calls come from gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and those uncertain and wanting to talk" he said.

    Outline is working closely with other sections of the community to foster a sense of community and cohesiveness. They have recently started working with Genderbridge and answer their calls when there is a shortage of Genderbridge volunteers. "The calls are answered with the greeting ‘welcome to the Genderbridge helpline’ so the caller still feels connected, and Genderbridge still gets the kudos" he says, "this relives the pressure on Genderbridge volunteers". The phone is diverted to outline at periods during the week and Genderbridge volunteers are rostered to take calls throughout the week too. In this model of working, Genderbridge and

    Outline retain their autonomy and separate funding streams, however they are able to make joint funding submissions for the phone line. "With the ever shrinking funding dollar, this bipartisan approach is appreciated by funding agencies as they see a reduction in service duplication and their dollar goes further" said Neil Denney General Manager. "We are keen to extend this model to other areas and are investigating the right telephone equipment to do this". We already take calls for all over the country in locations where there is no GLTTB help line" he said.

    "We are pleased to show our new logo designed by Deon Hendrikz and it will soon be used in all of our promotional material". Outline ran a community competition to find a new logo and was staggered to receive over 35 design entries. "Choosing the new design was very difficult" said Neil today, "but we are more than happy with the look and feel of the new logo as move into the future". The winner was given a weekend stay at the luxurious Umoya Lodge on the Seabird Coast.

    "Keep an eye out for details of our grand launch to be held sometime in the near future" said Neil "it will prove to be a wonderful event" he says

    Outline is to conduct its first telephone counselling course from 27 October and is seeking trainees for the course to become telephone counsellors.
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Outline out here out there
Rainbow Tourism - Gay and Lesbian travel

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