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Blood soaked through carpet

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    Blood soaked through carpet - 28-Nov-2007
    Blood pooled around a dead man's head seeped through not only the carpet and underlay - but had also stained the wooden floor boards beneath - a police officer told a Palmerston North court yesterday.

    The trial of two men accused of murdering Stanley Waipouri, 39, on December 23 last year, continued yesterday at the High Court at Palmerston North. They are Ashley Arnopp, 20, and Andre Gilling, 18.

    Detective Sergeant Todd McLoughlin, took the jury of seven woman and five men on a forensic photographic tour of the aftermath of the killing in Mr Waipouri's flat at 382 Rangitikei Street.

    Blood covered many surfaces in the flat, the court heard.

    The greatest concentration was around Mr Waipouri's torso and head.

    Footwear impressions in blood were found on Mr Waipouri's body and furniture.

    On Monday, crown prosecutor Ben Vanderkolk said Mr Waipouri had sustained continuous blows to his body with fists, feet and weapons, in a frenzied attack that lasted about an hour.

    Part of an ear and his penis had been severed.

    The two men accused had consumed alcohol, cannabis and party pills while at Mr Waipouri's flat on December 22.

    Later that day and in the early hours of December 23, neighbours in a flat below had complained twice about stomping and loud music emanating from the flat above. Two complaints went unheeded.

    It wasn't until a visitor to a downstairs flat, Trinity Hemo, had a bloodied beer bottle thrown at him from Mr Waipouri's flat that he came across a bloodied Arnopp and beyond him a man lying semi- naked on the floor in the living area.

    The police were alerted and the two accused were arrested at the flat and charged with murder.

    Mr Hemo told the court yesterday that there was "blood everywhere" when he looked into the flat.

    He could see Gilling walking away from him up the hallway, and had described his demeanour as "cocky".

    When cross examined by Gilling's lawyer, Mike Antunovic, and asked why he'd describe Gilling as "cocky", Mr Hemo replied: "Being in a house with a dead body - I call that cocky."

    On Monday, Mr Antunovic urged the jury to put aside any strong feelings invoked by graphic evidence, to "focus on the evidence", and give his client a "fair hearing".

    The trial continues before Judge Allan Mackenzie.
    Ref: - Manawatu Standard

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