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    Living with HIV Survey Now Open - 3-Dec-2007
    A virtual support community (i.e. an online community) is proposed for all those living with HIV in New Zealand. This initiative comes from the Absolutely Positively Positive group in Wellington.

    They propose to develop an actively managed, interactive website as the basis for community building. It will provide a means for you to communicate with others and talk about everyday affairs. It will provide opportunities for staying informed about what’s important to your health and wellbeing in national and local conversations, fortnightly forums hosted by experts, and places where you can post and view text, audio and visual files. There’ll be opportunities to meet new people, express your views in quick surveys, and contribute to gathering information that will fill gaps in our knowledge of how people in this community are coping. They envisage the website supporting and in turn being supported by local community groups such as Body Positive and Positive Women.

    They believe that there is a gap at present in these support services and this proposal aims to fill it. We wish to complement the services provided by the District Health Board’s clinical services and the New Zealand AIDS Foundation by strengthening the grass roots organisation through online communication means.

    They are seeking your feedback on this proposal. You can do that by completing the Living with HIV Survey.
    Ref: - Absolutely Positively Positive

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