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Dead man's family rubbish claims

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    Dead man's family rubbish claims - 18-Dec-2007
    The grieving family of a murdered senior citizen are fighting back over accusations he was on the prowl for sex.
    Sixty-nine-year-old Ron Brown was badly beaten in his Onehunga home on December 8 and died a few days later in hospital.

    Hungarian tourist Ferdinand Ambach, 29, is charged with his murder.

    The violent death sparked speculation on gay websites that Brown frequented gay bars and was preying on the man now accused of killing him. And, at Tuesday's bail hearing, defence lawyer James Faleauto claimed Ambach may have been given a date rape drug.

    "It's important for the New Zealand public to realise that there are two sides to the story and that in fact Mr Ambach may've been the victim of a potential homosexual rape under these circumstances," says Faleauto.

    The defence claims that Ambach was drinking at an Onehunga bar with Brown and things turned ugly later at the dead man's home.

    "Mr Ambach says that they arrived back there, they were drinking, that seductive music was put on, the lights went low and that Mr Brown then started to attempt to fondle him including cupping his groin," says Faleauto.

    But Brown's family, devastated by his death, say enough is enough.

    "He is not here to defend himself and he wasn't able to defend himself when he was attacked," says Brown's niece Tracey Evans.

    Police will not comment and are awaiting test results on Ambach's blood.

    However, they have strenuously opposed Ambach's bail application, which has been withdrawn until inquiries into his alleged involvement in a luxury car fraud scam in Europe have been investigated.

    A luxury car dealing operation was busted by Hungarian Customs in October and it is alleged Ambach is wanted in connection with the scheme in which millions in tax was evaded.

    Ambach has been remanded in custody until January.
    Ref: - TVNZ - TVNZ Website - video on site

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