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$28,500 raised by Heroic Gardens

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    $28,500 raised by Heroic Gardens - 19-Apr-2008
    The Heroic Gardens Committee has announced a profit of $28,500 the annual Heroic Gardens event.

    This year the funds raised from the weekend festival are to be spilt into 3 HIV/AIDS support groups that provide advocacy services & assistance to those infected with HIV/AIDS.

    Positive Women Auckland - Offers advice & Advocacy,family and women's yearly HIV weekend retreat's, newsletters and referral services -

    Body Positive Auckland- HIV support and Advocacy group which has been running for over 10 years providing support and services too those in need, via housing, and peer support, 6 weekly HIV support groups,Monthly dinners & Luncheons and yearly HIV Men's Retreat weekends. -

    Cartier Bereavement Trust - Cartier trust was set up with the idea to provide support at the other end of the scale, too assist those who have passed away from HIV/AIDS related illness, and provide people with a dignified burial when the family either won't or can't afford to do this as everyone deserves a dignified final send off.
    Ref: - Heroic Gardens

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