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Residents revolt at the idea of a brothel

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    Residents revolt at the idea of a brothel - 21-Jul-2008
    An incensed group of Dannevirke residents has vowed to put a stop to the Promiscuous Girlz brothel set to open in the town's main street.

    Last night more than 100 concerned residents met in an Allardice Street hall, just metres away from the site of the planned bordello, to voice their disapproval over its opening.

    The emergency meeting was called by Garth Taylor, Dannevirke resident and president of the Tararua chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men's fellowship, a religious group.

    Tempers flared as businesspeople, property owners and worried parents all spoke of their moral outrage at having a commercial sex premises open shop in the old Public Trust building.

    "We have the right to say what happens in our community, we have the right to say what happens in our town," Mr Taylor said. "We have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for our young ones. The standards we walk past are the standards we accept, and if we turn a blind eye to this, then what is going to happen next?"

    The brothel would just bring trouble and crime, Mr Taylor said.

    "They are offering a gay service as well. Most paedophiles are homosexuals, and you know we don't want to bring that here.

    "There were some good men in that building many years ago, men of integrity and expertise. Those men would just about be turning in their graves."

    Dannevirke resident Mike Long said it only took the people of Carterton 18 months to drive a brothel out of business in their town.

    "It comes down to one thing - money. I think we should name and shame the people that are using the business, then let their partners know."

    Gill Allardice, a Dannevirke resident for 30 years, said she would be happy to wait outside the front door and take a personal note of all patrons.

    "I will sit outside and do my knitting if I have to." She had already organised a petition and written letters to the New Zealand Rugby Union, demanding its response to the brothel's planned All Blacks- themed bedroom.

    After the meeting, she said the idea of a bordello was sleazy and vulgar.

    "I've always been a feminist, and it's demeaning to women. We have benefits in New Zealand, you don't have to sell yourself to make money.

    "The truth is, someone owns these girls. It's a slave trade, I don't care what anyone says."

    A committee was nominated to organise protest against the brothel, and present a list of objections to the Tararua District Council.

    Mayor Maureen Reynolds was not at the meeting, but earlier said she was not pleased at the planned bordello. "I'm against it as well, but the Government makes the rules."

    The resource consent hearing is next Wednesday.
    Ref: - Manawatu Standard

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