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Lip-locking ladies draw crowds

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    Lip-locking ladies draw crowds - 5-Sep-2008
    A radio stunt featuring girls kissing girls is a sure way to rile up such organisations as the Family Party.

    About 40 girls paired up in Cathedral Square yesterday afternoon and locked lips in an effort to win a trip to Melbourne to see pop star Katy Perry, singer of the hit song I Kissed a Girl. Most looked to be teenagers or in their early 20s with organisers from The Edge radio station urging them to be "as hetero or as gay as you like about it". The Edge Canterbury brand manager Alice Duncan said the event was "more about the cheeky side".

    "It's about having a risque (time) and pushing the boundaries."

    The onlookers were largely young men.

    The party released a statement yesterday saying the competition crossed the lines of decent public behaviour and sent the wrong message to young people.

    "It's just kissing," said one of about 80 men who turned up.

    "It's hardly the end of civilisation. It's a bit dull really."

    Kissers Anne Johnstone and Amanda Grey said it was not their first time kissing.

    "It's a bit of good fun and we need that trip to Melbourne," Grey said.

    The radio station held the event simultaneously around the country.

    Hamilton was reported to have the best turnout, according to the figures.
    Ref: - Stuff News - The Edge

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