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Rock Star's Mig on Aids benefit bill

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    Rock Star's Mig on Aids benefit bill - 4-Oct-2008
    Labelled the Africa of the South Pacific because of its HIV-AIDS statistics, Papua New Guinea will benefit from a concert and dinner in Takapuna.

    Proceeds from the New Zealand Health Industry Awards and Benefit Gala Dinner in the Bruce Mason Centre will go towards United Nations Childrenís Fund work in Papua New Guinea to help women and children with HIV and AIDS.

    It is hoped the Synergy-hosted event will raise awareness of the countryís battle with the pandemic, says New Zealand Unicef ambassador Alison Mau.

    Unicef executive director Dennis McKinlay says a lot of work needs to be done in Papua New Guinea.

    The aid agency works to reduce mother-to-child HIV transmission and helps orphans whose parents have died from AIDS.

    It canít be determined if a baby has AIDS until they are six months.

    But itís easy to reduce transmission by giving pregnant mothers a course of treatment.

    The main problem is a social stigma and lack of education about AIDS, with some mothers not wanting to be tested for the disease, says Unicef.

    A major hurdle is accessing villages through the countryís rugged terrain, Mr McKinlay says.

    There will be a charity auction of top New Zealand art during the event.

    Hosted by Petra Bagust, the evening includes dinner and entertainment by Mig Ayesa from Rock Star INXS, violinist Fiona Pears, dancer Caleb Bartolo and international musicians Sika and Catlin, among others.

    The event is on Saturday, October 11, from 6pm to midnight.

    Book at Ticketmaster.
    Ref: - North Shore Times

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