Same-Sex Couple Adoption – Talk By Claudia Geiringer, 19 August

Rainbow Wellington has arranged for Claudia Geiringer to speak to us on this subject on Thursday 19 August at Kitty O’Shea’s, 28, Courtenay Place, starting at 6 pm. The upstairs bar will be open for drinks from 5.30.

Claudia is the barrister who won the recent landmark Court case for de facto heterosexual couple adoption. She will speak about the case itself, the Bill of Rights issues involved, the input from the Attorney-General, how the case was won, and possible strategies for the next step. She is very willing to take questions and input from the floor.

Claudia is also a wonderful speaker. As well as practising as a barrister, she lectures on the Bill of Rights at Victoria University. She understands all the issues and is well aware of the issues for same-sex couples. This is a wonderful opportunity to discuss any Bill of Rights, Human Rights, Equality, Constitutional issues etc with someone who has in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience in these areas.

We are honoured that Claudia has accepted our invitation to speak to us. This event is open to all, and we would be grateful if you would pass this on to anyone you know who may be interested, and in particular we would like to reach as many same-sex couples with children as possible. Such couples do not need to identify themselves as such, but may like to attend.

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