No late fees for Outgames

AsiaPacific Outgames Boys

Good news for people yet to register for the sports competition or human rights conference at the 2nd AsiaPacific Outgames – the organisers have decided not to add any late fee to registrations.

“Registrations have been running ahead of forecast for the last four months,” Co-chair David Hindley says, “and that has left our budget in a very sound position. We have decided to share the benefit of that with participants, by not adding a late fee for last-minute sign-ups.”

With fewer than three weeks to go before registrations end on February 26, numbers are looking strong. Over 1200 people have registered as participants and supporters, with a powerful flow of new registrations continuing.

The high registration figures apply to both the sports competition and the human rights conference, with over 200 people already signed up for the conference.

The news is even better for Australians planning to join friends at the Outgames.

“The exchange rate at the moment means that each Australian dollar buys NZ$1.25!” says David Hindley. “We’ve used the marketing line ‘There’s never been a better time to visit New Zealand’ in Australia – and it’s turning out to be absolutely true from a financial point of view!”

Around 500 Australians are so far booked to cross the Tasman for the Outgames.

And tickets for four parties are now on sale, including parties on the opening and closing nights, and separate men’s and women’s parties. Opening night party tickets are now on general sale: tickets for the other 3 are currently only available to registered participants, but will go on general sale from February 18.

The 2nd AsiaPacific Outgames will be held March 12-19, in Wellington, New Zealand. You can register at Registrations close 26 February.

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