Hawaiki Nui Seminars – ‘Our Past, Our Future and HIV’

The NZAF are running a series of seminars around the country focusing on the sexual health of marginalised groups within the Māori and Pacific communities and looking at some of the key issues affecting takatāpui and mahu, vakasalewalewa, palopa, fa’afafine, akava’ine, fakaleiti, and fakafifine (MVPFAFF).

Issues to be explored include the impact of HIV and the impact of discrimination and prejudice on these communities. The seminar will also provide solutions that will assist health professionals to increase awareness and access to services for these communities.

Health and allied professionals, welfare and community development workers, social workers, counsellors, teachers, and those with an interest in the health and wellbeing of Māori and Pacific people will benefit from attending the seminar.

To find out more or to enrol in an NZAF Hawaiki Nui seminar please contact Maihi Makiha on (09) 303 3124 or email maihi.makiha@nzaf.org.nz

  • Kaitaia Seminar 10 June
  • Auckland Seminar 24 June
  • Wellington Seminar 27 June
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