HIV Insights: Through Their Own Eyes

After a highly successful session with international HIV expert Dr Charles Farthing, The New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) INSIGHTS public seminar series returns with its next installment. Dr Jason Myers (NZAF Policy Analyst) will be sharing the stories of gay men living with HIV in Auckland as explored through his multimethod PhD research.

Jason graduated from the University of Auckland and started working at the NZAF in September 2010 after completing a Research Fellowship at University College London. He has presented his research at many international conferences and has published in a number of academic journals and edited books.

In this presentation, Jason outlines Photovoice as a method and presents photographs and stories shared by the participants in his research. Through the lens of Social Geography, he maps the different ways in which gay men who are living with HIV renegotiate various spaces in their lives.

Playing with the idea of ‘movement’, he explores not only the physical relocations that are experienced but also the emotional transitions which accompany those moves. Research of this nature offers voice to the often marginalised experiences of gay men living with HIV and can add nuanced layers of depth to our understanding of life with HIV.

Who: Dr Jason Myers
When: 6.00 –7.30pm, Tuesday, 5 July 2011
Where: New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) National Office
Meeting Room 2, Floor 2
31 Hargreaves Street
St Mary’s Bay
Auckland 1011

On‐street parking is available near the NZAF building.

About Photovoice

Photovoice is a methodology which combines photography with grassroots social action. Participants are asked to represent their community or point of view by taking photographs, discussing them together, developing narratives to go with their photos, and conducting outreach or other action. It is often used among marginalised people, and is intended to give insight into how they conceptualize their circumstances and their hopes for the future. As a form of community consultation, photovoice attempts to bring the perspectives of those “who lead lives that are different from those traditionally in control of the means for imaging the world” into the policymaking process.

About the NZAF

The NZAF is New Zealand’s national HIV prevention and healthcare organisation. The NZAF provides positive health services to anyone affected by HIV and HIV prevention programmes to the communities most at risk, as well as research, analysis and policy leadership.


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