Legalise Love Facebook page launched

During the Queer the Night march a facebook page has been launched LEGALISELOVE.ORG.NZ. This is step one in a multi step campaign that will result in New Zealand LGBT citizens having full human human rights in regards to Marriage, Adoption, and protection from discrimination in schools and the workplace.

In late august they will launch a website and an advertising campaign, the main focus of the two will be a Petition, a petition we need signed by all of New Zealand so that we can show parliament that the current order of Human rights for LGBT citizens is not acceptable.

They will campaign rigorously until October, where on October 20th we will march on parliament in a show of support for both our Humans Rights push and Spirit day march in the states.

With the Rugby World Cup happening this year and the Election their will be no better time to make the final push for equality for LGBT citizens in this country.

‘like’ LEGALISELOVE.ORG.NZ and stay in the loop on how YOU can help become a part of history.

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