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Green Party announces list - 26th June 2002
The Green Party's likely first Maori MP wants to see a universal child allowance introduced to help Maori women and their children.
Read the full story - Stuff Website

Sexual Orientation forms Main Plank of Green's Education Policy - 18th June 2002
Labour's potential coalition partner the Green Party has no policies on education other than an intention to train teachers about the diversity of sexual orientations, ACT Education Spokesman MP Donna Awatere Huata said today.
Read the full story - ACT Press Release

Call for HIV testing of pregnant women - 18th June 2002
Two Christchurch babies are born to HIV-positive women each year because their mothers are not tested for the virus.
Read the full story - Christchurch Press

Drugs stories - 16th June 2002
Mediawatch discuss Sunday Star Times "Special Investigation".
Read the full story - Media Watch

Discrimination part of living with HIV-Aids - 14th June 2002
New Zealanders living with HIV-Aids continue to experience discrimination, according to a landmark survey released today.
Read the full story - The Evening Post
Living with HIV still a daily battle - One News
HIV sufferers trapped in poverty - NZ Herald

Youth, gays, Maori high up on Green wish list - 14th June 2002
The Green Party hopes to give top slots to representatives from three of its key target groups - the young, Maori and gays - as it works out its party list.
Read the full story - NZ Herald

'No' to gay adoption - 11th June 2002
National Party leader Bill English has told a gay newspaper he does not support gay adoption.
Read the full story - The Dominion

Policeman stood down for internet-drug inquiry - 9th June 2002
A senior policeman has been stood down while an inquiry is carried out into allegations he discussed using hard drugs on the internet.
Read the full story - Sunday Star Times
Editorial and Letters to the Editor - Sunday Star Times
Cop stands down - One News

Apologies everywhere - 7th June 2002
It seems to be the season for prime ministerial apologies.
Read the full story - The Dominion

Clark's apologies drawing criticism - 6th June 2002
Prime Minister Helen Clark's back-to-back apologies to gays and Western Samoans are drawing sharp criticism.
Read the full story - The Dominion
Don't worry, Helen, we are being very well served - The Daily News
Clark says sorry to gays - NZ Herald

Clark says sorry to Samoans and gays - 5th June 2002
Apologies are flowing from Prime Minister Helen Clark, with a public expression of sorrow to Samoa yesterday closely following a much-less-publicised apology to New Zealand gays and lesbians.
Read the full story - The Dominion
National accuses PM of sneak apology to gays - Evening Post
Clark apologises to gay community - Stuff

Police sex-drugs inquiry to finish 'within two weeks' - 5th June 2002
Police are aiming to finish an internal inquiry into sex and drug allegations against a senior South Auckland police officer within two weeks.
Read the full story - Stuff

Sergeant due to meet lawyer over drug allegations - 4th June 2002
A senior South Auckland policeman at the centre of sex and drug allegations is due to talk to his lawyer today as police begin an investigation into the claims.
Read the full story - Stuff

Top cop under investigation - 3rd June 2002
A top Auckland police officer is under investigation following allegations that he discussed using hard drugs in an internet conversation with a stranger.
Read the full story - TV One News

Top policeman in gun over drug-use e-mail - 2nd June 2002
A senior police officer is under investigation after he discussed using hard drugs in a series of e-mails sent to a stranger he met over the internet.
Read the full story - The Sunday Star Times
Model policemanís double life - The Sunday Star Times
Cop may use drugs - TV3 News
Police Officer Actions 'Disturbing' - Xtra MSN News
Police Reputation Damaged - Xtra MSN News


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